The murders of Berta and Marielle have caused a sensation, anger and sadness worldwide and led to numerous protests and solidarity actions. Along with all these people and social movements, we demand:

  • Justice for Berta, Marielle and all the other murdered human rights and environmental activists
  • The complete investigation of the murders as well as the prosecution of all participants
  • A fundamental change in the business policies of companies and corporations that generate their profits at the expense of environmental and human rights
  • The establishment of independent control institutions that control and ensure that businesses' businesses do not benefit from human rights violations and environmental degradation
  • The stop of arms exports
  • The protection and solidarity with all the people who work for social justice in Latin America and elsewhere, risking their lives every day

There are many ways to get active yourself, for example:

COPINH is constantly campaigning for the conviction of the murderers of Berta Cáceres. They regularly organize campaigns and solidarity actions that can also be supported from Germany.
The supply chain law initiative advocates a law requiring companies to respect human rights and environmental standards throughout the supply chain. Further information and possibilities of payment.
Amnesty international is using online campaigns, letters and petitions to demand justice for the killings of Marielle Franco and Berta Cáceres in order to put pressure on authorities and local politicians.
The campaign 'Stop arms export!' calls for a general ban on exports of weapons, war equipment and ammunition.
The Rheinmetall campaign disarms itself against arms exports and war policy.
Organize and / or join existing groups, paint walls and organize protest and solidarity actions!